Thursday, November 09, 2006

Party for a dear friend

A dear friend is on a rare visit to Manila, and five of us gathered for dinner to see him. Its always great to see old friends, and the nice dinner prepared by A consisted of a plateful of bbq, potato chips and the best tuna macaroni pasta.

Macaroni with Tuna

1 pack medium mayonnaise
1 small jar pickle relish
1 400gram macaroni pasta
3 cans tuna in vegetable oil

Cook the macaroni pasta according to package directions. Let cool a bit before combining all ingredients. So easy, yet so yummy...

Which brings me to the next post, the dessert...


Anonymous said...

wow you featured my wares and my recipe, did you ever imagine me back in our "1997-us neighbors days" entertaining, hosting parties and "cooking" (ok, mixing :p) for friends?! it just wasn't me!!! I've evolved Dee haha... now I am a Martha Stewart wanna be (that's what some SFC friends call me anyways haha)--only, my forte is in the presentation and not in the cooking hahaha :)


Dee said...

Presentation definitely counts a lot!! Yah, how I wish we could go back to that time, evolved as we are now. We'd have super potlucks!!

Dee said...

As for the Martha-Stewart wannabe, Im glad you are not already trading with me! Otherwise, you might get the wrong side of Martha! I would prefer Nigella-wannabe or Ina Garten-wannabe!