Friday, November 10, 2006

The Great Spanish Deli

These are just some photos I took inside a favorite deli. There are rows and rows of different kinds of olives, olive oil, spanish sardines, a whole stand devoted to cheese (parmigiana-reggiano included!), blood sausages, jamon serranos. Wow, it was dizzying - in a good kind of way. In the end, I bought some durrum wheat pasta shaped like alphabets for the Little Bee, and some spanish sardines. Oh, and at the back of the store is a huge cellar full of what else but wine - Im no wine expert but Im sure they have the best Spanish ones.

Next up on my list of must-buys are the olive oil with truffle shavings and the great truffle oil.

Terry's Delicatessen
Lower Ground Level, The Podium Mall
Ortigas Center

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