Thursday, November 23, 2006


Sometimes called 'kaki' or 'caqui' in Spanish, persimmon is a fruit that grows only 3 months in a year. Seems this is the time of the year, and so several fruit vendors are now carrying it in the markets. This is not common in the Philippines, and I first saw this in a roadside while walking in the streets of Hong Kong two years ago. Today, Manila's markets are vibrant with different fruits and veggies reaching our shores like never before.
It was a nice surprice when I saw this in my office desk as a gift yesterday. Soft and supple, and having been told that it it best eaten a bit chilled, I immediately placed it in the ref at home. After two hours, I got the ripest of the lot and ate sans any condiments. It was a delight, somewhat a cross between a plum and orange with the texture of a tomato. I know, i know... doesnt make sense but that's just the best way I can describe it. I imagine it a nice addition to a salad with light vinaegrette. Searching the net, I even found a cookie recipe with persimmons, although I wouldn't really go that far.


valentinA said...

We call it kaki here & it's one of my fav fruits! I find dit hard to describe too because it's just too good & refreshing.
Somehow, I once landed on some kakis which were quite awful, there was a kind of loury texture just beneath the skin, urgh!

Dee said...

Hi Stella! Yah, they are indeed such delights :) Not something I would crave though, mango is still my favorite!