Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Best Leche Flan In Town

This is a post to pay homage to my dear friend's leche flan (the Philippines' unofficial dessert) , which is the best I have ever tasted - and I'm not saying this coz she's one of my best friends. Really, it is just the right amount of sweetness, and the right caramelization, the right texture. Im sure if I ask she will give me the recipe, but I rather not. I like it that I have something to look forward to whenever I swing by her place (which is always nowadays), other than the fact that it's always a pleasure to see her. To Aye, consider this a tribute to your now-famous leche flan. Its really yum!


Anonymous said...

Dee, thanks for the tribute. am suuuper touched hahaha :)

I love your blog, I'll tell my friends to visit your site.


Dee said...

Armi, the tribute is so well-deserved! :-)

Anonymous said...

yummy,,any plans of a resto business so i cud visit u guys when im on my yearly vacation...i always treat friends and relatives outside kasi...bea

Dee said...

Hi Bea, sure wish we could open a resto!! no plans for now though :)