Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Royce' Chocolates!

Royce Chocolates!!! I can't contain my excitement when this was sent to me by an uber-thoughful couple who are also my clients. It's the first time Im tasting this much-talked about confection, which is considered the Rolls-Royce of chocolates. Japan is actually not only known for their high-tech inventions, but for their chocolates as well - and Royce' is considered to be the best.

It came in small squares wrapped individually, apparently to keep the chocs from sticking together as they are very sensitive to heat and melts easily. I grabbed one, and immediately was captured by a cocoa aroma so strong it feels like the purest of chocolates. The texture factor was the best, it simply just melts in the mouth in the most delightful way. And the taste lingers long after you've finished a piece.

The fact that it's not available in Manila makes this all the more appealing. I know of people hoarding this whenever they go to Singapore or Hongkong, although I didn't and frankly it's only because I didn't know any better back then. On my next trip, I will definitely be one of the hoarders. Now, if only someone will gift me with their chocolate-covered potato chips, my Christmas will be super! *wink wink*


Lan said...

I'm so glad to have stumbled across your page! I've been searching the web for information about chocolate from Japan but there doesn't seem to be much information to be found. I'm really happy to hear that Royce Chocolates lives up to its name! I'll definitely be hoarding up on chocolate when I'm in that part of the world.:)

Dee said...

Hi Lan!Royce is the best! They are best known for their chocolate-covered potato chips, though haven't tried that one. Glad you are able to visit my site :)