Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Guyabano (Soursop) Jam

Guyabano is also known as soursop or guanabana. It is a delish fruit that grows only in the tropics. Its green leathery spiky skin belies the white fleshy pulp that lies within, at once sour and sweet. Having seen a Mangosteen Jam available in the market, I thought a guyabano might make a wonderful jam too - knowing that its is fleshier than mangosteen.
I was wandering through the market early Saturday when I spied this and immediately thought of making jam. I had to wait 3 days though before I felt that its ripeness is ready. When I opened, i found it was too sweet with not enough tartness a jam should have. Luckily, I had some lemons which came in handy.

Guyabano Jam
About 3 cups guyabano
2 cups white sugar
Juice of 1 lemon

Remove flesh pulp from the skin and place in a big pot. Add sugar and lemon and mix well. Put to a boil, and then to a rolling simmer for about 30 minutes. I actually did the saucer trick from the Domestic Goddess book of Ms. Nigella Lawson, which is to put a sacuer in the freezer before you start - then check for jam doneness by putting a little in the cold saucer. Ms. Lawson said if it wrinkles, then its done. Didnt work for me though, I was too impatient I think to wait for it to be done. In the end, I had a jam that looked so pale but tasted great nonetheless. With butter and toasted bread, my breakfast this morning was simply delicious!


valentinA said...

I think the Soursop grows here too but I can't think of its name in French!
Your jam sounds great, I always think homemade jam taste better than anything else!:)

Dee said...

Im sure it grows there too! How about mangosteen? If you have it there in Mauritius, try making it into jam :)

valentinA said...

Hi Dee!
Oh no, we sadly don't have mangosteen here but I've tasted them during my holidays in Canada, I loved them!
I've found that we call the Soursop "Coronsol" here, & I think my grandma used to make salad with it. But we don't eat it very often:(

Dee said...

Somebody has to try to grow mangosteen in Mauritius, Im sure it will grow well with your climate. Soursop salad sounds interesting! :)

gervais said...

I just received an email about that fruit called here as the Coronsol (must be the french translation)and apparently it is very effective against the cancer, thousand times more than a Chemo session ! is there anyone who knows something about this if this is true ? I know that this plant grows very well in Mauritius where I leave. Any comment will be most welcomed.

Anonymous said...

really? could you please place the exact procedure? is that all?

thank you. i'm making it into my investigatory project. i'm asking for the permission. thank you so much for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, are you from Philippines? I'm interested on your guyabano jam. How else can I contact you? Thanks.