Monday, November 12, 2007

Buffalo/Niagara, NY

Heading East this time, we made a quick layover in Atlanta Georgia, before heading on to our next destination - Niagara Falls! Landing in Buffalo, we took a 30 minute bus ride to the town of Niagara passing thru the city of Buffalo. Perhaps because it was a Sunday, I found Buffallo to be such a quiet city - I just cant beleive this is just a few hours away from NYC!

Anyway, it was off to one of the natural wonders of the world - the Falls! It was indeed a wonder, I didnt get disappointed at all despite all the great expectations. We got the Passport to the Falls - and did everything in one whole day - The Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds, and the night lightshow. It was an awesome time that we will so cherish, such a romantic place, its no wonder they are self-proclaimed the honeymoon capital of the world :)

We could see the Canada side just a few meters across, but we didnt have a visa and couldnt cross. The nightlife looks more vibrant in that side though, as the US side was kind of sleepy - but it was ok - we needed a respite before we head on New York City. Roaming around looking for a decent dinner, we came upon two quite identical stand-alone food stalls right across the street from the main entrance to the Niagara Falls Park called the Misty Dog Grill and its ice-cream serving sister Twist of the Mist.

We were taken aback by the huge gigantic menu, but as were were after all in Buffallo, why not try the Buffallo wings? It was the best choice as we would find out, hands-down the best buffalo wings Ive had! It has just the right hint of sweetness and spiciness, and was finger-licking good. I ate and licked every single piece, you couldnt see any hint of sauce when I was done with it :) Em's buffallo chicken sandwich was not bad too! Too bad we were leaving early the next day, and couldn't try the homemade ice cream just next door. Next time :) The next day, it was off to a 9-hour Amtrak ride to NYC!


valentinA said...

Dee! Oh my gosh, how beautiful! I visited Niagara falls last year & it was absolutely breathtaking!
I understand if you were taken aback;)

valentinA said...

(with both Nigara falls & the food of course:P)

Dee said...

It was indeed something to see :) And to think we almost skipped it in an attempt to get to NYC sooner! So glad we got to see it :) And yah, the food in that little restaurant was something too - buffalo wings like nothing Ive tasted before :)