Friday, July 06, 2007

MEME: 7 Random Things About Me!

I have been tagged by the lovely Stella of Sweet Temptations for this MEME. I am most flattered, but I gotta tell you - I have not made too much friends yet in the blogosphere that I feel weird about tagging anyone. So anyone who wants to do their own, please do so! I tag everyone, haha!

When I saw Stella's tag, I was both excited and giddy! I knew this would not be easy, at the same time I knew it would be fun! Here goes, 7 random things about dear old me:

1. Im a stockbroker, which many people think odd as I don't come across as one of those bigshot ambitious ladies in pinstriped suits looking every inch like financial wizards! I like to think I come across as a housewife/doting mom, which really is eventually plainly what I want to be :)

2. I cannot ride a motorcycle ever again. I tried to drive it once and got bumped,smashing our side mirrors in the process. My boss once said when riding a motorcycle you have no defense against anything as your whole body is practically exposed! I took it to heart, and vowed never again. I have no problem driving a car though, but when I do the seat is practically so near the front you'd think I'd bump myself in the steering wheel with the slightest thud!

3. As a kid, we were beach babies. I live in a tropical island and grew up near the sea. Right after each summer, my sister and I would go back to school with red peeling noses from too much exposure to the sun (and from ignoring sunblock)! I wish I could take the Little Bee as often to the beach, unfortunately we now live in a busy city.

4. The highlight of my day, other than getting hugs from EM and the Little Bee, are the meals. It doesn't matter if I'm eating a fancy meal or some out-of-the box takeaway, I just really always look forward to finally being able to sit down quietly and enjoy FOOD. And that's for every single day. I have an unusually big appetite for such a petite frame. The main reason why I try to do as much exercise as I can is so I don't have to go on a diet and thus give up these favorite times of the day!

5. I can never grow my nails long and can never paint them any color. I tried it before and was itching to remove it right the next day! I tried to grow it long so I can have those cute little french manicures? I couldn't work the next day and looked forward to getting home to finally get hold of my nailcutter!

6. I love Readers Digest, have always been a fan. One of my fondest memories growing up is curled up reading old, old issues of Readers Digest in a hot summer afternoon while listening to the swirl of the trees in our backyard. We have issues that date back to the 1950s! I think if my parents ever decide to get rid of those, I'll offer to buy them.

7. Im the youngest of 7 brothers and sisters. My mom and dad are 22 years apart in age. Go figure! Hahaha!

Thanks Stella for tagging me. It's been a lot of fun!! :)


valentinA said...

Thanks for sharing some stuffs about you Dee!
Hey we've got some things in common! Like the motorcycle, your boss is absolutely right, I've always been against motorcycles as well!
And I can't grow my nails long either because they keep breaking! hahaha.
Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos as well:) Doesn't matter if you don't have many friends on the blogosphere, it's the sharing that counts:)

Dee said...

Thanks Stella! Its been fun :) Yah, motocycles are no-nos, and long nails too!:)