Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mango Preserves

What to give my brother who so generously sent me my much-coveted Valrhona and Ghirardelli chocolates? He only has one request, pickled mangoes! My brother lives in the US, and so miss the flavors of this tropical country especially some old family recipes and hometown speciaties.

He is my source of anything that can be had expensively here in Manila such as my MAC lipsticks, Baby Gaps for the little Bee, and of course - chocolates for my baking! Last month, he sent us a generous package that Im still drooling about now *winks*. And in return he just wants preserved mangoes from our late Aunt's recipe. So what's a spoiled brat to do but spoil big brother in return?

His request is aptly timed as it's summer and mangoes are going out of our ears here in the Philippines at the moment. For this particular one, I wanted to be picky - so I scoured the markets for the big Guimaras mangoes - a very good variety. These are the big fat green mangoes, slightly yellow in the inside yet still has that crunch and tartness. I made a big batch, and off these will go straight into my bro's refrigerator in Long Beach, California for him to enjoy in the next few weeks!

Preserved Mangoes
In memory of Mamay

10 Guimaras green mangoes, peeled and cut into thick strips
1/2 cup rock salt

4 cups water
2 cups white sugar

Drizzle salt over cut mangoes and let stand covered in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, drain mangoes. Prepare the syrup by simmering sugar in water until slightly boiling and sugar is fully dissolved. Arrange drained mangoes in sterilized jars and pour the sugar syrup (you dont need to cool the liquid). Cover immediately and store in the refrigerator indefinitely. Ours dont last long though. This makes about 10 small jars.

I sure hope my bro enjoys this as much as we are enjoying it here. Manila weather has gone haywire, the other day it was so hot we felt like escaping from the house. So we put out the Little Bee's bicycle outside, I set up a table in the front yard - and took out my pickled mangoes and enjoyed it while Em occasionally passes by our front as he did his jogging. Such a small pleasure on a hot summer afternoon :-)


valentinA said...

Hello Dee,
Your bro will sure be jumping up & down when his gift arrives! I'd be!
I love making mango pickles, we soak it in vinegar, sugar & salt, & of course, chilli:P

I can picture you eating the mangoes on a hot sunny day, soaking under the sun:)

Dee said...

Yes, Im sure he'll be thrilled with his mangoes :) I hope you can post your pickled mango version soon, would sure like to try it! With chili? Now, that's interesting :-)

Freya and Paul said...

That seems like a great swap to me! On both sides (although I might just go for the chocolate first, then the mangos!). Great blog!

Dee said...

Hi Freya and Paul! Thanks for popping in. Yup, pretty good swap, Im still enjoying the chocs! :)