Monday, February 05, 2007


The weather has been pretty balmy the past two weeks, it has been very pleasant outdoors at about 20 degrees temp instead of our usual 32. Nights are so comfy and we always find it hard to wake up in the morning as our pillows are so irresistibly huggable! Strawberries from up north are finding its way to the markets, but I was still amazed to see blueberries on sale! This is really the first time I've seen locally grown blueberries and while it is pitifully small than the Western counterparts, I still got excited! So many recipes to finally try! The vendor said it can last a week in the ref, and in the meantime Im thinking of ways to put it to good use. With a busy sked ahead, I sure hope I can sneak in some time to sit down and properly pay these little rare berries some respect. Blueberry muffins? Blueberry cheesecake perhaps? Or blueberry jam?

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