Monday, July 17, 2006

Food From Home

Work+extra work had been keeping me from cooking and baking the past weeks. Seeing however that my cream cheese was expiring, I made a fresh batch of cupcake frostings even if I still don't know when Im finally be able to bake cupcakes again. I've kept it in the freezer, and of course I also want to see how it will turn out thawed instead of freshly made. Experiments of sorts for when I finally have time to finally do this as a homebaker-hobby business venture, wishes!

Ive been back home for the weekend and though it had been an emotional roller coaster for all of us, we still managed to EAT all our favorite food! There's the igot (ee-got), small berries that are already rare and I havent eaten in years! I tremendously missed this and I made sure I brought back some for Em to taste. Shaken in a tupperware with mixture of sugar and salt, it's simply heaven! We also made sure we had our fix of tamalos, pork meat cooked with peanut/peanut butter and I dont know what else, wrapped in banana leaves! Yummm! I ate more than my usual rice with this one, so spicy and yummy.. brought back with me some too. It is super nice to be back home and be with the entire family - it is very rare that we all get to be together, although we wish it were under a different circumstance. Nevertheless it was good family time, but now it's back to work!


valentinA said...

Home Sweet Home, There's no better place than home!:)
You remind me of myself when I came back home for the hols, I was Glutton number1 :P

Dee said...

I know, i know! Ive been reading your blog :) I bet it's good to finally be able to slacken a bit at home! My dream is to take a 3month off from work doing nothing but bake, cook, bake!!! My day would be like -- bring the little Bee to school, bake and cook, fetch the little bee from school, bake and cook! Then chronicle it in the blog at night, wohoo!!!